Hygiene Tips for Diabetics

People with diabetes should pay special attention to their oral hygiene because they are more susceptible to infections of all kinds. This is especially true when blood sugar levels are not well controlled since the plate is created more easily in this case.

Plaque mainly consisting of bacteria, it will cause inflammation of the gums if it is not removed. This inflammation means you are more at risk for oral health problems.

People with diabetes more difficult to fight against bacterial plaque, which make them more vulnerable to gingivitis whose main symptoms are more red and raised gums, hypersensitivity or bleeding when brushing. Untreated gingivitis may degenerate into periodontitis, which is a more serious infection that attacks the teeth supporting bone that will contribute to their loss ..

Conversely, gingival disease influences blood sugar. That’s why brushing teeth after meals and the routine use of dental floss are made, especially in people with diabetes