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Adult and pediatric orthodontics

At Amari Dental Center, Dr. Carrier has been offering orthodontic treatments for both adults and children for over 25 years. With a strong background, over 4,000 patients have achieved their dream smiles through orthodontic treatments provided by Dr. Carrier and his skilled team. The offered treatments aim to address both functional and aesthetic needs. We incorporate the most advanced technologies for all our orthodontic procedures, ensuring precise and effective treatments.

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Invisible orthodontics

Dr. Carrier offers two discreet orthodontic options, namely lingual orthodontics and orthodontics using clear aligners. These discreet methods allow for smile correction without the visibility of traditional braces causing discomfort.


3D Orthodontics

Whether it's for the placement of metal brackets or ceramic attachments, 3D computer-assisted orthodontics now offers personalized, both aesthetic and speedy treatment. This method allows for a preview of the final result through advanced digital imaging technology.

Orthopedic orthodontics

Our team specifically offers certain orthodontic treatments for children, including the use of the mandibular or maxillary advancement appliance and the palatal expander. These two approaches are designed to be undertaken during the child's growth period, with the aim of promoting effective orthodontic treatment and aiding in achieving proper tooth or jaw positioning at a young age. By starting treatment at an early age, it becomes possible to avoid potential surgical interventions in adulthood.

Joint and myofascial pain

Headaches and facial joint pains, also referred to as cranio-cervico-mandibular dysfunction, can arise due to imbalances in tooth position, muscles, or the jaw. A neuromuscular dentistry treatment is beneficial in restoring balance and eliminating the pains and discomfort that affect the patient's daily life.


Orthodontic treatment revision

If you're not entirely satisfied with your previous orthodontic treatment done at another clinic, you're not alone. Dr. Carrier regularly undertakes the reevaluation of ongoing or incomplete treatments to provide you with an optimal solution.

Replacement of lingual wires and retention appliances

At the conclusion of orthodontic treatment, it's recommended to maintain tooth positioning through the use of a retainer or lingual wire. If you've undergone orthodontic treatment at another facility, we also offer this service to help preserve the achieved results.