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Treatment for gum disease

Experience a carefree smile through the assistance of our gum disease treatment!

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Treatment for gum disease

When facing gum issues, whether they are mild, moderate, or severe, pursuing appropriate treatment becomes essential. Gum disease, while not reversible, can be stabilized through prompt intervention.

During a consultation for gum issue treatment, also known as scaling and root planing, our team will administer local anesthesia to the mouth. Following that, a thorough cleaning beneath the gumline will be performed. The primary goal is to eliminate bacterial buildup beneath the gums, disinfect the area, and apply a stabilizing medication.


The process of treating gum issues occurs in two distinct stages, one for the lower teeth and another for the upper teeth. After this treatment, it's recommended to undergo a periodontal examination a few weeks later to assess your gum's response and the stabilization of the situation. Regular cleanings, spaced three months apart, are then advised to maintain optimal oral health. Diligent follow-up is crucial, as gum disease can relapse, and its progression can be swift.