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Teeth whitening

Restoring the former whiteness to your teeth.

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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening aims to restore the whiteness they once had. Also known as "tooth bleaching," this treatment is straightforward, quick, and effective, providing nearly instant results. This simple process lightens the shade of your teeth and even allows for touch-ups later on to maintain long-term whiteness.

We offer two whitening methods: chairside whitening (performed in the clinic) and at-home whitening.

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In-chair teeth whitening

During a one-and-a-half-hour appointment, our dental hygienist administers a teeth whitening treatment. Additionally, they create a personalized tray that you can use at home, extending the treatment over several days and ensuring satisfactory results according to your expectations.

This process is highly effective, providing visible results as early as the first day and continuing over a few days at home. It's also completely safe for your teeth and gums, in contrast to many over-the-counter products sold in pharmacies, supermarkets, and online.

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At-home teeth whitening

For this treatment, our team customizes trays specifically for you and provides you with the teeth whitening product, which you can use comfortably at home. Following this, for several days, the idea is to wear the trays containing an oxygen ion that works to lighten your teeth, whether during the night or throughout the day. This process requires a rigorous commitment from you to carefully follow each step to achieve the desired results.

Following either of the two whitening options we offer, you also have the opportunity to purchase tubes of whitening product directly at the clinic during your follow-up cleaning appointment. This will allow you to maintain the whiteness of your teeth and preserve a radiant smile.


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