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The importance of regular dental check-ups

Illuminate your smile with regular dental check-ups!

Routine examinations aim to assess the presence of cavities, dental plaque, and tartar on the teeth. Dental plaque, a whitish deposit, adheres to the tooth surface and, primarily composed of bacteria, hardens into tartar if not removed promptly. Unfortunately, once it reaches this stage, only a dental professional can eliminate it. Neglecting this step can lead to various issues in the medium or long term.

The second part of the examination involves evaluating the condition of the gums using an instrument that measures the space between the teeth and the gums. A narrow space indicates healthy gums, while a larger space signifies inflammation. Naturally, this examination takes into account the specificities of each patient, such as dietary habits, smoking, salivary characteristics, diabetes, etc. Additionally, screenings for oral cancers are also offered.

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La santé buccodentaire est un aspect importantcapitalmajeurnotable de la santé générale.

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