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Implantology and grafts

Our team is renowned for providing an excellent experience during your implantology and grafting treatments, facilitated by the use of cutting-edge technologies and the expertise of our skilled dentists.

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Prosthesis on implants

Implant-supported prosthesis is one of the viable solutions following dental implant placement. This option is recommended when multiple implants are required. Various types of prostheses are available, including implant-supported prosthesis, removable implant-supported prosthesis, and bar-supported implant prosthesis. Our team will guide you to determine the best option based on your specific needs.

Dental implants

To replace a missing tooth, a dental implant offers an effective solution. Feel free to inquire with a member of our team. Our experienced professionals are here to address all your questions and provide you with the necessary information.

Sinus grafting

This treatment is often considered in conjunction with dental implant placement. If your situation is suitable for this approach, our team will be delighted to inform and advise you on the matter!
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Bone grafting

Get ready to rediscover the power and energy of your smile through our expertise in bone grafting, a remarkable advancement in the field of dentistry.


Gum grafting

Gum recession can have significant implications for your oral health. We strongly encourage you to discuss this matter with our team to receive appropriate information and advice.