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The importance of tartar removal

As you know, brushing your teeth and using dental floss twice a day is the best method for removing dental plaque. However, when not all the plaque is removed, it hardens into tartar. Unfortunately, once tartar has formed, only a dental professional can effectively intervene to address this issue.

Dental Descaling: For a Dazzling Smile and Impeccable Oral Health!

After a comprehensive oral examination, the dental hygienist removes tartar through scaling, using a specialized metal instrument. Subsequently, a polishing procedure is carried out to eliminate visible stains on the teeth, employing a granular paste and a rotating electric brush. For a thorough cleaning of the spaces between the teeth, the session concludes with the use of dental floss.

Neglecting regular dental cleanings is crucial, as it can lead to chronic bad breath and, more seriously, severe gum issues. In fact, untreated gum diseases are the primary cause of tooth loss in individuals over 35 years old.

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La santé buccodentaire est un aspect importantcapitalmajeurnotable de la santé générale.

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