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Adult and Pediatric Dentistry

Your overall health is linked to the health of your mouth! It's therefore important to follow the recommendations of our team and focus on the prevention of oral diseases.

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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is a procedure aimed at removing dead or infected tissues from inside the tooth. Frequently, this intervention helps prevent the loss or extraction of the affected tooth.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Amari Dental Center offers the mandibular advancement prosthesis, a treatment option that promotes forward movement of the jaw, thereby aiding in the clearing of the airways.


The complete or partial denture serves as an alternative to using dental implants for tooth replacement. We strongly encourage you to engage in a discussion with our team to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment option.

Examination and Cleaning

Regular follow-up appointments for examinations and cleanings play a crucial role in preventing oral health conditions. Whether you are among our long-standing patients or joining us as new patients, our team is always available to ensure your oral well-being.

Treatment of Gum Diseases

Treating gum disease, also known as scaling and root planing, becomes essential in the case of gingival disease. This irreversible condition requires prompt intervention to prevent potential long-term consequences.

Occlusal splint

The occlusal splint is a dental device designed to prevent nighttime bruxism. This appliance proves highly beneficial in reducing dental wear.

Joint and Myofascial Pain

Headaches and facial joint pains, also referred to as cranio-cervico-mandibular dysfunction, can arise due to imbalances in tooth position, muscles, or the jaw. Neuromuscular dentistry provides a solution by restoring balance, thereby eliminating the pains and discomfort experienced by the patient on a daily basis.


Whether the task involves tooth removal, conducting a biopsy, or executing bone regeneration, our team has the requisite expertise to lead you through these surgical procedures.



Our team employs the use of crowns to restore the shape, aesthetics, and function of damaged teeth. With the technologies we utilize, this treatment can be completed in a single session, enabling you to rapidly and effectively regain your dental health.

Cavity Restoration

Dental decay is a condition that should be treated seriously, and it's crucial to take action promptly when any of our teeth are affected. Cavities tend to spread often when their treatment is postponed.