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The Importance of Dental Restoration

Dental restoration involves the replacement or repair of missing or damaged teeth and is an integral part of dentistry.

Revive your smile, prevent oral health issues, and restore your self-confidence!

The primary objective of dental restoration is to enhance the patient's smile and prevent oral health issues that might arise without intervention. Dental restorations are of paramount importance as they prevent the migration of neighboring teeth by filling in empty spaces. By replacing one or more teeth, they also promote optimal oral hygiene by preventing plaque formation and the risk of infections. From a psychological perspective, dental restoration has a positive impact on overall mindset and self-confidence.

Your dental professional offers various treatments to replace missing teeth, ranging from crowns to implants or bridges. Crowns are recommended for broken or severely decayed teeth. They cover the damaged tooth, providing reinforcement while enhancing its appearance. Implants, consisting of a post (abutment) and an artificial tooth, offer a natural look and functionality similar to that of a natural tooth. Bridges, custom-made, replace one or more teeth by being anchored to adjacent teeth. Once in place, they closely resemble natural teeth in every aspect.

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