Oral health of infants and children

Adopting good oral health habits should start at a young age; in fact, the younger, the better! While proper oral hygiene is a key tool in maintaining oral health, a healthy and balanced diet is also an important component.

Young children, whose motor skills are still developing, often miss certain areas when brushing and flossing. Parental supervision is therefore essential in ensuring that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned until such time as the child perfects these lifelong skills.

Did you know that cavities can develop from the moment a child pierces the first tooth? This is why we encourage parents to start taking their child to the dentist as early as possible. Primary teeth set the stage for the health of permanent teeth later in life, so it’s important to take good care of them from the very start. Repentigny Dental Center adopts a special approach with young children to ensure that visits are fun and educational as well as to ensure that they will be eager to come back!