Gingivitis and periodontitis

The two main diseases that can afflect gums are periodontitis and gingivitis. Periodontitis. Those are caused by the presence of specific bacteria growing under the gums, thus causing the progressive destruction of the tissues surrounding the tooth. A way of early detected periodontitis subsides fairly quickly. But if it has reached a more advanced stage, treatment may be more complicated and could lead to the extraction of the tooth. Gingivitis, for its part, is a minor inflammation and treats most of the time easily. It usually occurs in patients with poor dental hygiene or breathing through the mouth. Symptoms which may indicate gingivitis include inter alia the presence of bleeding during brushing or the use of dental floss. Many patients also note that their gums are redder than usual or even swollen. Although gingivitis is a benign condition, it is important to address because it is the precursor of periodontitis in the absence of proper care. It remains very important to show you hard to routine examinations as gum health is intimately related to dental health. If you present some of the events listed, please discuss this with our dental hygienists Atwater Center.