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Orthopedic orthodontics

Prioritizing proper treatments now reduces the risks of tomorrow.

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Orthopedic orthodontics

Our team offers orthodontic treatments specifically designed for children, such as the mandibular or maxillary advancement appliance and the palatal expander. These two types of treatments are carried out during the child's growth period, aiming to facilitate orthodontic treatment and promote proper teeth and jaw positioning from a young age. Opting for early treatment can help avoid surgical interventions in adulthood.

The mandibular or maxillary advancement appliance and the palatal expander are orthodontic solutions for growing children. Early orthodontic intervention particularly helps reduce the need for surgical procedures in adulthood and minimizes the risks of sleep apnea.

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The palatal expander

The palatal expander is an appliance that works in conjunction with orthodontics. Its primary goal is to widen the palate, providing more space for the teeth and promoting optimal occlusion. The space created by this expander also allows for proper repositioning of the teeth. It serves as an initial step in orthodontic treatment.

The mandibular or maxillary advancement appliance

If the position of your upper or lower jaw is not correct (for example, if it is too retruded), it's crucial, in the initial phase of orthodontic treatment, to use a mandibular or maxillary advancement appliance. This appliance aims to readjust the jaw's position. The jaw's position plays a crucial role in the repositioning of the teeth, making this step essential for certain children.