Tips for healthy gums

We all learn from a very young age that we must brush our teeth regularly to ensure they remain healthy. But what about our gums?

Here are some tips for maintaining good gum health:

  • Gently brush your gums at each brushing with a soft bristle brush (always vertically, from the gum to the tooth)
  • Carefully clean the molars and premolars (as they are located at the rear of the arcade they are often overlooked and therefore more prone to plaque)
  • Take a look at your gums at a rate of once a week to keep abreast of changes in color or texture
  • Have daily use dental floss to remove food particles stuck between the teeth

Note that many patients abandon flossing, noting the bleeding and pain that ensue after each use. Of course, the stop is not the solution, since the situation could get worse rather than better. Bleeding is precisely caused by microbes in plaque, which is why we must persevere in your good habits and consult a dental professional if pain or bleeding continues after two weeks.

Moreover, it is imperative to regularly visit your dentist for cleaning and periodic review to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. Gum disease is a condition that can attack the tooth’s supporting bone when untreated. To avoid complications and ultimately extracting a tooth, it is always better to adopt a proactive and seek treatment before the disease has taken too big.