The importance of regular dental exam

To preserve the health of our teeth and our gums, regular visits to the dentist remain essential. In general, we recommend fixing an appointment every six months.

Routine examination involves checking the presence of caries, plaque or tartar on the teeth. Dental plaque is a whitish deposit which adheres to the tooth surface. Consisting mainly of bacteria, it hardens and becomes tartar if it is not removed in time. Unfortunately, at that stage, only a dental professional can overcome deleted. If you fail to do so, various problems threaten to appear more or less long term.

The second stage of the audit includes examining the gums with an instrument which measures the gap between the teeth and gums. If this space is minimal, is that your gums are healthy and, conversely, if the space is more pronounced, there is the presence of inflammation. Of course, this review takes into account specific to each patient characteristics (diet, smoking, salivary characteristics, diabetes, etc.). In addition, tests to screen for oral cancers are also available.