The importance of dental restoration

The dental restoration is the discipline of dentistry that is dedicated to replacing missing or damaged teeth. The objective is to beautify the patient’s smile and prevent oral problems that may arise in the absence of intervention. Dental restorations are of great importance since the fact to fill the vacant space prevents the migration of adjacent teeth. In addition, the replacement of one or more teeth helps preserve a healthy, which helps remove plaque and prevent the risk of infection. Psychologically, the dental restoration can improve overall mood and confidence.

Of course, the dental professional can offer you several types of treatment to replace missing teeth, from the crown to the installation of implants or a bridge. The crown is ideal for a broken or severely affected by tooth decay. Resembling a small hat, it covers the damaged tooth, so as to strengthen and improve aesthetics. As for the implant, it consists of two distinct parts: the bolt (stud) and the artificial tooth. In appearance very natural, the implant provides the same sensation at the functional level. With respect to the bridge, it is custom made and can replace one or more teeth. The bridge is attached to the adjacent teeth and once installed, it looks in all respects to a natural tooth.